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Le slogan lié à votre identité visuelle

New Version 2.0 Server and Clients now available in the Download

Claude Lecommandeur's paper on Tequila presented at EUNIS 2005 in Manchester, UK is available online

Tequila: Identity Management

Tequila is a federated identity management system. It provides the means to authenticate people in a network of organizations.

An introduction to Tequila and federated identity management is available online.

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Tequila Developers

Tequila is available as open source software. The main Tequila server is written in Perl and client modules are available in Perl, PHP and Java. The sources are available at the EPFL Tequila Download Center or on SourceForge.

Additional Apache server modules are available to allow Apache web servers to manage static pages with a Tequila Identity server.

A user's mailing list is available at tequila@listes.epfl.ch To subscribe, send an email to tequila-subscribe@listes.epfl.ch, or have a look at http://listes.epfl.ch/doc.cgi?liste=tequila

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Tequila @ SourceForge

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